Book Recommendation: Devo for the Rest of Us

Looking for a good daily devotional to help enrich your walk with God? I know one that I’d love to recommend to you! But first, can I make a confession?

…I’m not usually a fan of daily devotional books.

There, I said it! Now let me explain.

There are basically two flaws that devotional books tend to have. I find that many devotionals either don’t do justice to the biblical message, or else they fail to engage me as a reader with reflections that are relevant to daily life. Some have both of these problems (see this critique of one of the most popular ones). Maybe I’m too picky, but it’s the honest truth. I had to search far and wide for a devotional that held my interest and that I could feel confident recommending to others.

Thankfully, I came across Devo for the Rest of Us: The Next 40 Days On Your Journey of Faith by Vince Antonucci. Here, finally, was a devotional I actually looked forward to reading each day!

Devo for the Rest of Us offers forty daily readings, oriented around eight key topics (hunger for God, the storyline of the Bible, abiding in Christ, etc.). Each day’s reading concludes with a “Now What?” section that provides reflection questions and suggestions for personal application. It’s perfectly geared toward new believers who are just getting into Scripture, but it’s also valuable for experienced Christians who just need a fresh reminder of the basics.

Antonucci pastors a church in Las Vegas, so his writing reflects a sensitivity to people who may be less familiar with matters of faith. I found his witty, down-to-earth style quite engaging. He does a great job bringing biblical faith to bear on the nitty-gritty grind of twenty-first century life, with all of its demands and distractions. He also injects a lot of his own quirky sense of humor, which I appreciate. You get the sense that he genuinely enjoyed writing this book. (And let’s be real, any book that incorporates Transformers into a discussion about spiritual warfare is winning in my opinion.)

Unlike some devotional writers, Antoncci doesn’t give a random grab-bag of lofty insights to read and go, “Hmm. That’s deep.” He keeps things practical, offering plenty of real-world stories that illustrate what a vibrant Christian faith can actually look like in day-to-day life. And I love that each chapter’s topic builds naturally off of what’s gone before.

So check out Devo for the Rest of Us and let me know what you think! And if you’re looking for some more material to grow in your spiritual walk or share with others, be sure and check out my previous resource recommendations for new believers.

Also feel free to share in the comments any devotionals you like that I might’ve missed in my search!

P.S. This recommendation was in no way sponsored or anything – though if Pastor Vince or his publisher wanted to help a poor theologian out, I wouldn’t complain! 😀

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