Content Roundup #2: Coronavirus & Church, Reading the Bible Missionally, and the Good Samaritan

Taking a writing break today (well, not really — I’m actually working on some big posts to come, so stay tuned!). But here’s some great content from elsewhere that I highly recommend checking out, especially as more and more of us are getting shut in.

1) A reflection on how the coronavirus outbreak is a reminder not to take corporate church gatherings for granted: Life Together for a Church Apart: Lessons from Bonhoeffer for COVID-19.

2) A well-written piece that highlights where evangelicalism needs to grow, but also shows why far-Left liberal Christianity isn’t a satisfactory alternative: Progressive Christianity: Even Shallower Than the Evangelical Faith I Left.

3) An older but excellent article by Michael Goheen, discussing how our view of the Bible affects our understanding of the church’s mission: The Urgency of Reading the Bible as One Story.

4) New Testament professor and Greek scholar Bill Mounce talks about the real point of Jesus’ story about the Good Samaritan: Who “Is” or “Becomes” your Neighbor? (Luke 10:36).
The key takeaway: “It is not a matter of who was a neighbor (as if the focus were on the person in need) but who has become a neighbor by helping someone in need. I know that you and I can’t help everyone, and there are times that it is not possible to help anyone. But our mindset should be to be mindful of those in need who we can help, whether they are next door or in Nepal. It is a mindset change.”

Happy reading!

See you down the path.

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