Wise Words – 3/21/2018

Every Wednesday I plan on posting some quotes I’ve come across that I really like. These are the insights of others that have stuck with me or that are generally worth pondering. Sometimes I may add some of my own comments to go with the quotes, but more often than not I’ll let people smarter than me simply speak for themselves.

For this week, here are a couple of powerful reflections on the importance of knowing God and the value of good theology.


“To follow Jesus Christ forward in complete commitment, total commitment, means there has to be an intellectual attachment to Christ; that is, we cannot run on our feelings or wisps of poetic notions about Christ. . . . We must believe in the Christ of God; we must believe in who God said He is.”  – A. W. Tozer  (Delighting in God, pp. 80-81).


“The theologian offers his mind in service of saying ‘God’ in such a way that God is not reduced or packaged or banalized, but known and contemplated and adored, with the consequence that our lives are not cramped into what we can explain but exalted by what we worship.” – Eugene Peterson


What do you think of these wise words? Know any other great quotes about the task of theology? Feel free to share in the comments!

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