Another Life Update: We Moved!

Making time to blog has been a challenge lately, for a myriad of reasons — not the least of which is, my wife and I recently bought our first house! That was a dream we’d long been hoping to realize, and we’re excited for the opportunities we’ll have to welcome friends, family, and students into our home without the constraints of being in a tiny apartment.

We’ve also been enjoying spending as much time as we can spare with our now one-year-old son (how has it been a year already?!). He’s not quite walking or talking much yet, but he can say “book,” so, you know, we’re enjoying the little victories!

But even more pertinent to this blog is another big transition we made this year. It was a move we made gradually, after much prayer, deliberation, and a clear conviction that God was indeed calling us in this direction.

On June 9, we became members of Ridgeview Church in Rockwall, Texas.

Changing churches was not a decision we made lightly, especially after having been at our previous church (Lakeshore) for upwards of seventeen years! My wife and I firmly believe in the importance of putting down roots in a church community and getting active in ministry wherever we’re at. It takes time to establish good connections and build relationships.

So why the change?

There were a number of factors, accumulating over the course of a few months since we first visited Ridgeview. At the beginning of the year it started out as a simple desire to check out what God was up to in other churches in our area. We didn’t necessarily plan on leaving our church, and we definitely didn’t want to be “church-shopping” or anything like that. But we also found ourselves consistently wanting to go back to Ridgeview, and we made connections there pretty quickly.

From there we discovered a major need in the church for more leaders, especially in the area of young adult ministry (my biggest passion). So we prayed and prayed and prayed some more, we gave it a good amount of time, and we considered where our gifts and talents could best be utilized to their full potential for building up the body of Christ in our community. And then we made our decision.

We’re tremendously excited to see what God has in store for us in the months ahead, and we’re grateful for his provision during this busy time of transition. We’re also deeply grateful for Lakeshore, for all of the ways we’ve been poured into there, and for all the relationships there that will hopefully continue unabated.

So that’s what’s new! God willing things will be getting a bit more settled this month so I can post on here more regularly. I had the opportunity recently to teach on the topic of women in ministry, so be looking forward to some material on that. As always, I eagerly welcome comments and suggestions as to what you all would like to see covered here, so drop me a line!

See you down the path.

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